Saturday, October 09, 2004

Rainy Saturday Morning

This is a pretty typical Blues Fest weekend since the rain moved in late yesterday. We've been drier than a popcorn fart for about 8 weeks before this. The rain scratches my plans to stroll through the crowds today with a few cold buds in hand because I'm afraid it would make the kids sick to be wet and chilly all afternoon.

I took a few photos during slack times at the beer tent Thursday and Friday so here are a few more of my festival views.

Charlotte Taylor

New blues artist who's name wasn't on the program

Gov. Mike Huckabee and The Capitol Offense
(the Gov. is on the far left)

I caught one of the set up crew to get a shot of his tee shirt. I thought it was much cooler than the one we had to wear.

Standin on the corner blues, Japanese style.

This little dude was "gettin down"!

I tried the alligator on a stick and although it was tender and ediable and I loved the peppers and onions stacked on there with the gator, I'm afraid I wouldn't spend $6 for another portion of it.