Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday again.

Yep, that would be pretty much how I felt as I rolled from my nice soft bed with it's load of pillows this morning. Even with 2 cups of coffee flowing through my veins now, I'm still trying to get the left eye open and it's protesting.

Speaking of eyes, I gotta tell ya'll a Jerri story. This gal is full of stories, most of which will make you pee yourself laughing.

It seems that years ago they had a neighbor Alton, or Alfred, or something like that, who had a glass eye. Don't ask me how we got around to glass eyes but I think we were talking about neighbors when we were growing up. I think the glass eye episode must have stuck with her or something.

Anyway, she told me that Alton (or whoever this dude was) always looked so icky and wicked looking because he wouldn't wash his eye even though it could very easily be taken out for this purpose. I kept my cool face on as she told me this story about the dirty glass eye until she came to the part where she said her momma used to tell the guy, "Alton, you really need to wash your eye", whereupon he would remove the eye and hand it to her momma so she could give it a good scrubbing.

I lost control then and hee-hawed the rest of the way home.

I wish I'd had a neighbor with a glass eye so I could remember cool stories like that.