Saturday, October 23, 2004

Another Rainy Saturday

Guess who didn't wake up until almost 9 this morning? It's the same person who was in bed around 10 last night. I think this Nanny is gettin mighty lazy of late but I'm going to blame it on the coolish morning and the rain pattering on the roof.

Jerri and her Chick side-kick, and Bubbie came to visit today and after the rain we went out and sat in lawn chairs and watched Zach (his second mud bath of the day) and the Chick play in the mud and water. Those two should have been frogs.

We then cooked a lucious supper of fried chicken breasts, mashed taters, french-friend eggplant, broccoli casserole, lima beans, and biscuits. Jerri made peanut butter/choc chip cookies, another choc chip/walnut dessert, and a dump cake for desserts.

Now Nanny is stuffed and sleepy.

**There was a tornado south of the farm today around 1:00. We didn't have any bad weather here but they told us that the storm down there took out an ag plane hanger and several cotton modules were shorn off and there's cotton strewn around everywhere down there.

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