Sunday, October 17, 2004

Movie Weekend

I've been doing some major movie watching this weekend. Jami bought a few new ones this week and brought them over so I settled in to watch 3 of them Friday night and early Saturday morning.

The Day After Tomorrow

I know this one didn't get good reviews but I liked it. Of course it could be the fact that one of the hunky actors (Dennis Quaid) that I like had the lead part. It left me wondering if such a diaster could ever occur in such a short time. Who knows? They are still trying to figure out how the dinosaurs disappeared in a flash way back yonder aren't they? (Some with food still in their mouths and undigested in their stomachs). Being a southern gal, I'm quite sure that I wouldn't survive such a cold snap though.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauers

I'm not sure that I can fairly review this tv movie from 2002 cause Stephen King is my hero! I can only dream of having his imagination, the man is brilliant! This movie (and the book, I'm sure) is one of those where you'd best not be folding your laundry, or making a snack during the viewing or you'll miss part of the plot. It made my heart jump up into my throat on several occasions. Viewing this movie is a must prior to viewing the next in line..

Rose Red

This un got my blood flowing. During one really tense part of the movie the toilet in the front bathroom made a loud noise and I nearly jumped out of my skin and I really didn't want to venture into the room to see if something needed fixin either!

Rose Red left me questioning the intelligence of the characters however. (I often do this when I watch spooky movies). All sorts of weird shit's been going on, a couple of folks are dead from entity encounters and you get thirsty and decide to go to the kitchen for a glass of iced tea, alone.


The only way I'd think of getting a drink was if an entire platoon with high powered weapons, gernades, and the Ghost Busters, were to accompany me!

I guess I won't be remembered for my bravery.

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