Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm awake,,,almost

I've had my shower, put a load of hubby's work clothes in the washer to soak, threw a load in the dryer. The terrorist has been fed and inspected, and sent off to school. The bird has been uncovered. Now I'm sitting here typing instead of doing the other 15,951 little chores that have been waiting for me to be in the mood to do them for the past several weeks.

They'll still be here next week so maybe I'll do em then.


Today, if I can get myself motivated to move here in a bit, I'm going to go to pay bills for the Improvement District and make their deposits, go by and negotiate my water bill, and then go to Cherry Street and sell some Buds for the Blues Fest until 2:30.

I'll be back late today to post some photos here, hopefully.

Ya'll don't take any wooden nickels today.


Jerri has been busy ( in the few seconds spare time she has from chasing the Chick) updating the Chick's web site. So for more Chick stories and photos feel free to stop in and visit.

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