Friday, October 01, 2004


I've been so upset since last night that I'm not even sure I'll make sense in writing about it. I do know that if I don't do something to ease this aggravation I'm going to explode.

On May 1 we lost our health insurance coverage because the farm owner said he could no longer afford the premiums. He was only providing payment for my husband's coverage and the additional fees to cover me were coming out of my husband's check. Although it was almost $400 a month, it was managable to our budget by our taking the belt in an extra notch.

I shopped around for out-of-group coverage and the cheapest I could find was going to cost us almost $700 a month for a very high deductable and much less coverage. We just couldn't afford it.

Two weeks ago his company sent an application for new group coverage. I called before filling out the paperwork to ask about the costs of the premiums and was told the cost to cover both of us would be $464 per month. (mind you, this is with a $1000 deductable).

James brought in his September paycheck last evening and they'd taken out the premium for him at a premium cost of $312 which did not even cover me (they forgot to do this which is a GOOD thing now). To cover me, it will cost an additional $350!!

Anyway, we can't afford it unless we stop eating and sell the house and live in a tent.

I called the woman that I'd spoken to before filling out the paperwork and she couldn't understand why I was so upset. I finally told her that a $258 dollar a month quote error wasn't exactly chump change.

I knew better than to believe things would work out. To hell with it, dying is cheaper!!

And I got my water bill today, I must be providing water to at least one other household cause it is DOUBLE what it usually is.

I'm gonna go kick something now.

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