Friday, October 15, 2004

I think Autumn's arrived.

I had to throw the season's first blanket on the bed last night and yesterday I spent as much time as I could snuggled beneath an afghan wearing my thermal pjs. The temp when I got up this morning was 42 degrees so I reckon Autumn has arrived here in the delta.

I noticed a brisk bite to the air as I stuck my head out the front door this morning to threaten the neighbor's dogs for tipping over the trash dumpster. I'm keeping an eye on the bag of trash on the ground out by the drive in case they want to try to distribute it across the county. I'm trying to wait till the sun gets up a little higher, and it gets a little warmer before I go out clean up their mess.

Hubby has been making short trips down to the farm the past couple of days but is not staying nearly long enough to allow me to get over the time he was here. Call me evil if you want, but if he ever retires I think I'm going to have to go back to work in my old age or find a hobby that will take me away every day. The man makes me crazy.

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