Saturday, May 15, 2004

We were chosen.

Zach was delighted when he was chosen to babysit their class pets for the weekend. Nanaw was not quite as delighted to be hosting 3 critters that look suspiciously like spiders with shells on their backs, but since he was instructed to have adult supervision during feeding and excercise time, guess who has to stand by?

So, here they are, our weekend house guests.

This is Tarzan. Tarzan is fast as greased lightening so I had to shoot him on the move. Forgive the blur but I had to make sure he wasn't moving in my direction. Tarzan likes to climb the tree in their little cage.

In the forefront is Mr. Crab. Mr. Crab gives me the willies more than the other two cause well,,he's bigger. Behind him is Redy who appears to be a friendly enough little critter as long as he stays his distance.

The crabby condo.

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