Sunday, May 02, 2004

My Weekend

Saturday it rained and Zach's ball practice was called off. I drove into town to pick up the Chickie and brought her home with me and then spent the rest of the day feeling like Mt. Everest except I was left with tender peaks from the Chick's constant habit of grabbing the nearest peak every time she dove out of my lap. (I guess a kid's gotta have something to hang on to till their feet touch solid ground but geez!)

Hubby didn't work due to the rain. He was kicked back in his recliner as I put in the Chickie's "Dora the Explorer" dvd and remarked, "This is enough to drive a man to hard drink,,, raining outside and stuck indoors watching Dora". My reply was "Welcome to my 24 hr a day world"!

After Jerri attened a funeral and helped her mom out for a bit, she drove out and cooked supper for us.

Zach is sick with a sore throat so I spent the night wrestling with his restless self but we did sleep in until 9:30 this morning.

Jerri and the Chick came over again today and we spent some time outside playing before we came in to plan supper and play some more.

I did watch a pretty good movie last night after Zach was in bed. In the Cut with Meg Ryan was fairly impressive in that it kept my attention until the end.

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