Sunday, May 16, 2004


I feel an explosion building. It's Sunday, we've had company all day which isn't anything new, but today I was tired from the moment I was awakened by a visit at 7:30 by my brother-in-law who dropped in to have coffee with hubby. Hatching chicken and duck eggs was the topic surrounding what should have been my quiet coffee time this morning and it just didn't make for entertaining conversation even if one is just sitting there in a stunned silence.

I eventually woke up but stayed moody.

Hubby cooked on the grill today for lunch but I prepared the rest of the meal (and it was much LESS than usual) and then we ventured outdoors for a bit to enjoy a break in the rain we've been having.

My fuse was lit again today when my mother-in-law dropped in for another of her visits. This woman has a gift for pissing me off and polite belle that I am, I usually let her get by with it and I did, again, today. But I feel it building folks.

A few days ago, or a week ago, wheneverthehell the last time was that she came by to stir things, she couldn't wait to spill the news that one of the brother-in-laws (one of her sons) was upset because his step-daughter is pregnant and quit school. She spent a full 20 minutes discussing the stupidity and sluttiness of this young girl and all the while I sat there literally biting my tongue.

It would bother me far less if this woman was consistant in her views of unwed pregnancies and uneducated stupidity, but this is not the case. My husband has 4 brothers and 1 sister. The daughter and the daughter's daughter can do no wrong. The niece, (daughter of hubby's sister) got pregnant 3 yrs ago during her first year of college, with twins! The father was a worthless doper and wanted to have no responsibility whatsoever. When my opinionated mother-in-law finally had to accept the fact that her pride was in the family way with no marriage in sight, and people were going to notice, she informed me that "it was God's blessing".


"Was this to be a virgin birth"?, I asked her? Stammering and blushing, she told me that Brandie was so tiny and her body was still so immature that the doctor said it was amazing that she'd even conceived.

Another load of bullshit in my opinion, but what do I know? I'm just the mean witch of a daughter-in-law that took one of her sons to Europe a few years ago where, according to her insightfulness, he'd die among strangers and never been seen again by his family. (all that over a 16 day trip mind you!).

Today she asked Jerri a question about Alexis and before Jerri could even answer her, she broke in with a cute description of something the "twins" had done.

And this woman wonders why I rarely go to visit, even for holidays, when I can gracefully get out of it.

Oh hell, never mind me, I'm just a bitch today.

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