Monday, May 03, 2004

I need to thank

Houston for this great idea. Here's one of my entries from about this time last year. It never hurts to go back and recall things learned does it?

If one must wake up with a pounding headache and a tender twat, one would at least have thought it almost worth it from the drunken roll in the hay the night before,.....right? I'm afraid I don't have any such details to share, instead I have the dumbass of the day experience to relay here today.

Yesterday, I grabbed the bottle of scrub-free bathroom cleaner (lemon scented) and sprayed shower stall, sinks and tub in the master bath. By the time I got to the tub, I couldn't remember if I'd doused it before so I sprayed it again. Then the phone rang and I ran to answer it and since I tend to get side-tracked throughout my day, I forgot to return to the tub scrubbing chore. This might not have happened had there been anything in the tub to scrub, but,,,,,

Last night I went in to run a nice hot bath with peachy scented bubbles. I needed and I deserved a long, relaxing soak. After I had climbed in, and laid back in the wonderful silky bubbles, I noticed the Scrub-free bottle sitting on the side of the tub. ( At about the same time the stinging sensation began.) Even after jumping from the tub, letting the water out, scrubbing it, refilling, and soaking my stinging netherparts again, I fear I may be tender for a day or two.

Warning: Scrub-free does not make a suitable bath soak, not even the lemon scented brand.
Brenda 7:13 AM

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