Monday, May 24, 2004

A little laughter

I try to never miss an opportunity for a good laugh. It comes second to breathing in important stuff for the human body to do.
I had two such opportunities during the past week, to laugh till I was ready to pee my pants.(3 counting a call from Special K, she always makes me laugh till I pee). I especially love laughs like that!

At the Zoo on Thursday, a lady had a table set up beside the Panda enclosures with all sorts of interesting hands-on things. There was a panda skull and a bear skull for comparison, footprints, teeth, etc..

Zach bounced over to the table as little boys tend to do and was picking things up and checking them out while asking the lady a 101 questions. He got to one item, picked it up, turned it a couple of times and then asked the lady what it was. (I was already snickering and trying to contain myself) The lady told him it was Panda feces. Zach kept turning it this way and that and said, "Huh"? I said panda poop at about the same time the lady said it was panda poop and before she could finish her word poop, Zach threw it! I couldn't contain my laughter by then and when that lady caught that poop with one swoop before it could hit the ground, I almost collapsed from my heehaws. Then Zach was looking around for a rest room so he could wash his hands.

Then my son walks over after having missed the whole exchange and says, "What's this"?, and starts to reach down and pick up the poop. He decided he'd rather not when he noticed how hard I was laughing as I was telling him to go ahead and check it out.

My second good belly laugh came on Saturday when Alexis was playing with two croquet balls. I was kicked back with a margarita nearby, watching Jerri, Bubbie, and Zach play a round of croquet when Alexis comes over and puts one of the balls down my shirt and then just as I'm saying, "Oh No Alexis", plunk,,she drops another. Then she dives in with both hands, up to her shoulders, to retrieve them.

After we finally retrieved the balls, I stuck them in her little bikini top and she went running to her mommy saying, "Boobies!"

It doesn't take much to amuse me, can you tell?


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