Thursday, May 13, 2004

Fine Art

The folks who make those damned so-called washable markers should be used as canvas for body art and made to go out for public display (I know what you're thinking Mary lou and it's a FINE idea!)

Does anyone else buy nail polish remover in economy sized bottles?

I've been out on the porch with mine today cleaning hot pink washable marker-made designs off the vinyl siding on my house. Is there a reason that children want to leave their mark on every freaking surface? Zach was on the porch a total of 2 minutes this morning waiting for his ride to school and I reckon he got bored and decided the white needed livening up a tad. Never mind that it took me 20 minutes to soak and lighten the art (it's still lightly pinkish).

I'm quite sure if I gave the kid a white marker and told him to paint the house I'd be a horrible, mean, old woman.


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