Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Feverishly Spring

Whewwwww, yesterday was busy! First off I had to go into town to get repairs on Zach's ball shirt because the lettering was peeling off. What was supposed to be Hendrix Shoes was turning into Hen rix hoes. I had to wait for them to do a new shirt so I looked around some of the stores and bought some new shoes (which I didn't need but ya'll know how it is) and a beautiful silk scarf.

Before I left town I stopped at a nursery, where Bubbie and Jerry had purchased a Mother's Day gift certificate for me, and picked out two big pots of flowering moss and a little statuette for the yard.

On the drive home, James called to give me the wonderful news that his truck needed approximately $600 in repairs for a fuel pump. I informed him that I thought it was pretty shitty of him to feel he needed to share that delightful news with me.

They scheduled ball photos yesterday so after I picked Zach up from school we had to hurry home to change and go back to the ball park. Photos were taken, the game was played (and lost) and then I discovered that I'd locked my danged KEYS in my truck. Luckily we bumped into a constable we knew who had his "unlocking" tools in his truck so was on my way home only after a 45 minute delay.

When I got home I had to finish making the chicken-n-dumplings that I had planned for supper. By then I was one pooped old gal!

I was watching David Letterman the other night on TV when he had Regis on there. I noticed that Regis was sipping on a cup of coffee as he chatted with Mr. Letterman and the thought crossed my mind,,I couldn't drink anything if I were being interviewed. I could just imagine being on national tv, taking a sip of coffee and having it slid down the wrong pipe, snorting coffee across the set as I hacked and coughed and spewed.

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