Friday, May 21, 2004

So much for that.

I had big plans today. When I went to sleep last night, it was with thoughts of having a lazy, do nothing day, without stress or anxiety, and without kids until time to pick Zach up from school.

Yesterday was a killer. We did the zoo, then rushed home just in time for Zach to change clothes and go to his ball game at 5:30. I really needed today to rest up a bit.

BUT, nope, it was not to be, and I should have known better than to even think it. The phone rang this morning before 7. Zach's ball coach was on the other end telling my sleepy ears that he had a ballgame scheduled for 7:30 tonight that just happened to miss being put on the schedule before now. That didn't upset me too badly but then Georgie reminded me when she picked Zach up for school that their Track and Field day was today and parents were supposed to be there by noon.

After Zach left for school I climbed in the tub and cried a little as I soaked the kinks out and then I got ready to go at it again.

I'm resting a few now before round 2.

Another Chickie Zoo pose

Playing in a stump.

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