Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Fate sure must have a Funny Sense of Humor!

The clock in the living room had stopped so I was late getting to the church. Was it an omen?

We married in a simple ceremony with only a few friends and family in attendance. My Aunt Ruth stood with me, his friend Myrle with him. It was over in a matter of minutes. I barely remember the small reception at his parent's house, don't even remember who was there. I do remember one of his friends/cousins riding beside us on his motorcycle, and nearly getting wiped out by an oncoming car, on our way there.

The cost of the wedding? $60.10

Our honeymoon was one night spent in a motel in town, he had to be back in the fields the next day.

We've been married for 37 years today, we went out for dinner, without kids, last night, both of us tired after a long day, today we'll spend with grandchildren.

I've learned I'll take comfort anytime over fairy tales.

Happy Anniversary to the Man!


Nonnie said...

happy happy 37th anniversary, you and your hubby....i had to smile about going to dinner tired and today you watch grandbabies.....sounds so like my celebrations! :) comfort over fairy tales.....:) love it!
have a wonderful day today,

Donna said...

Sounds JUST like Our wedding and motel experience!LOL...Geez! I'm with you, comfort ANYDAY!!! We'll have our 36th soon...hubby says, wanna go out for supper? I say,
Why?.....Hahahaha...We have a good laugh, then BOTH get in the kitchen and Make supper...Have a Wonderful day Sweetheart!!hughugs

Joan said...

We will be married 37 years in October. I think...I don't have a calculator with me. We got married in 1972 you do the math Ha!

Happy Anniversary Ms.Brenda!!! I'd like to say I wish you 37 more, but that might be pushing it.

Joan said...

B.T.W. your blog really looks good. I like the way you tweak things up.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow - 37 years. Talk about a lot of history together!!

Here's to many, many more years of wedding bliss (bliss being defnied as the eventual ironing out of all misunderstandings between two people because to NOT iron them out is more effort that to just get along. lol).


cassie-b said...

Happy Anniversary!!

That's a long time to be married.
Have a great weekemd!

Crystal said...


cal said...

Happy anniversary, Brenda! Have a great weekend.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!! I hope you had a nice evening together. *HUGS*

Jeanne said...

Happy Anniversary Brenda to you both. After 27 years I've learned to be happy with the everyday over some fairy tale. My sweet honey can turn me to jelly with a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning. lol. Enjoy!

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary! Choose comfort over fairy tale? You bet your sweet housecoat and slippers!

zzop357 said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.
You couldn't have made it this far without each other.
I hope you have many many more!!!
God bless,Donna

Jeanette said...

Hey Happy Anniversary to you!
We had our 31st recently..actually it was March! Where does the time go?? Anyway, many more happy years!

Karen M said...

Happy Anniversary! We're coming up on 29 years in a couple weeks. Time seems to speed up the older we get. And I agree with you on the comfort over fairly tales. How many anniversary dinners (or other date nights) have ended up at Home Depot over the years?

Have fun with the grandkids!

jazzi said...

Happy Anniversary a day late, Brenda!
The cost of your wedding sounds a lot better than the cost of weddings nowadays!

Virginia Gal said...

Happy anniversary - 37 years?! That is amazing, I am in awe - and just hope that I can find someone like that who I'd want to be around for 37 years : )

bichonpawz said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!! That's a long time to me married! Congratulations!

Cindra said...

Hmmmm, what was the 10 cents? Tax? Congrats on 37! Not too many people make that number!

Loretta said...

A day late, but "Happy Anniversary! The longer I am married the better it gets. Hope you're having a great week end!

Brent said...

I extend my congrats to you! What a wonderful celebration! The night we got married we invited friends into our hotel room for pizza!
Happy Anniversary!

Houston said...

You're a treasure, sugah, a real treasure. I think about you and your farmer and I remember the love dialogue in Cold Mountain. Sometimes you don't have to have a lot to say to mean it.

Good luck to both of you. And congratulations.

Debbie said...


Happy Belated Anniversary! Just got off phone with ex. We were married 20 years and had a cheap $45 dollar wedding in Vegas LOL.

Congratulations to your son for serving his country in law enforcement! They are never sufficiently recognized! I bet he does have some stories and I'm a little nervous, but look forward to doing something different LOL.

I'm jealous of grandkids taking that cool shower in the irrigation contraption! :)