Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Since James forgot the day, again, (he remembered, briefly, last week that the date was some time this week) I spent it the way I have on most of the previous 35 anniversaries, I piddled around doing a little housework. I also canned another cooker full of tomatoes. Thinking back on it for a second,,,,I've probably spent more anniversaries canning tomatoes or some other form of vegetable or fruit than I have actually celebrating.

If I had a bottle of booze on hand I'd drink to this life sentence.

There wouldn't have been much money to spend celebrating anyway since HIS DANGED TRUCK has eaten up over $500 bucks in less than a week for parts.

I'm in sort of a bad mood.

Does it show?

Oh well, at least we won't be hungry.


T*mmy said...

Happy Anniversary!
We've been married 28 years now and he is just now getting on my last!! I was hoping things will get better after we both go through menopause...sigh!
You are a canning champ I see...I've never canned in my life! I always love canned tomatoes in soups and chili's though!

Special K said...

Sounds about as romantic as one of the two anniversaries I had.

Cindra said...

Happy Anniversary...anniversaries never live up to what you think they should.

Cal said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!

Mary Lou said...

You deserve a Medal of Honor for staying with him that long! He'd a been dead a long time ago if I was married to him. LOLOL

I wish I was there to help you can those 'maters! I Love to can and I LOVE me home grown home canned tomoatoes! unfortunately we cant grow them here. takes too long to ripen and then the cold wet weather hits and they rot on the vine!

PEA said...

Happy Anniversary dear Dawn! Men! Can't live with them, can't live without them! lol So sorry that your husband forgot your anniversary again. It was my 31st anniversary last month but it's not something we celebrate anymore...we only share the house now, nothing else! lol I know all about canning tomatoes...ours won't be ready until the end of August, though!! xox

cassie-b said...

Happy Belated Anniversary. That's a lot of years!

Sorry I missed the actual anniversary date.

Sweetie said...

I didn't think you were old enough to have been hitched that long! You must have married very, very young.

The only ONLY ONLY man I know who remembers, and takes his wife on a holiday for their anniversary is my brother. Maybe that was in a prenup.... or maybe he's scared of her. HA! Anyway, Happy Anniversary belated to YOU!

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