Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Again

Monday's aren't as bad right now because school hasn't started back yet and we can still sleep in. And they aren't nearly as bad as they were back when I had to get dressed and go to work.

Ok, done with it being Monday, I've got a Jilly Beans story to tell.

On Friday I took Zach over to swim with the Beans and Chick, and Jaylen and Jordan and they were all happily splashing around in the pool before 11 a.m. Jillian is an in and out kid, she's get in and swim around and play, then get out and play around in the yard. She knows, kind of, that if she's going in the pool she has to have her floaties on. We watch her close when the ladder is in place because sometimes she forgets.

She'd gotten out of the pool and wanted her floaties off before going back outside so I was standing at the door watching to make sure she didn't climb back in with the others. I saw her wiggle a little and then she reached down and took her swimsuit bottoms off. I thought maybe she'd peed but no,,, she shook the bottoms and then took them over to the wading pool at the bottom of the ladder and was swishing them around. I knew then what was going on and started laughing. I called Jerri over and we both stood there laughing at this child who was trying to hide the evidence.

She gave up the swishing after a few minutes and just threw the bottoms into the wading pool. She looked around and found her little watering can, went back to the wading pool, and dipped out some water to take over to where she'd been shaking the bottoms. She sprinkled, and then sprinkled some more. Then she looked around, saw her little bear float, walked over and grabbed it, and threw it on top of what she'd been sprinkling with the water.

When she finally thought she had the evidence hidden well enough, (and at this point, Jerri and I could hardly stand up straight from laughing so hard) she came inside to get her butt wiped and have a bath.

I can see the future is going to be full of stories from this family!

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cassie-b said...

I just love kid stories. That one is really funny. She knew what to do, but not how to be successful at it.

Have fun!

Mary Lou said...


Isnt it time for another "chick"?

Brenda said...

Oh Please, Let Us Pray NOT! LOL. We're overrun with chicks now. :-)

T*mmy said...

Jilly is a creative child...teehee!!

Joe said...

Hahahahahah! I bet you to bout wet your pants!

Sweetie said...

That too funny! Wow, she's a smart little buggar. LOLOL

mreddie said...

Absolutely hilarious! ec

PEA said...

LOL too cute! I could just picture her doing all that to "hide the evidence"! lol Makes you wonder where kids get their ideas...I mean WE don't do things like that!!! hehe xox

Special K said...

That girl is practically a monkey, what with the feces-flinging.