Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hear That???

That's the sound of total and absolute QUIET..well, almost, both televisions are still on but I've turned the volume down really low and the only sound I hear right now is my little fan blowing cool air on my tired, old, feet.

30 minutes ago it was not so, I was so close to tears it was scary. This Nanaw almost bit off more than she could chew today by hosting 4 of our little granddaughters for the night.

I picked them up, picked Zach up from church, came home and put away groceries, then we all toddled and rolled across the yard to the neighbors for a swim which kept them busy for a couple of hours.

Then it was time for Nanaw to get supper ready, everyone fed, and the dishes done before going outside again to run and play so they'd be nicely exhausted enough for bed later on. This worked somewhat except that I think they were a little too tired and got a bit cranky, (Jillian was kicking her sister, Alexis, in the head) and whiney before they finally conked out.

I didn't want to press my luck cause PopPop was getting sleepy and antsy, so I inspected and wiped off the ones I could easily catch, and decided to wait until morning to line them up for baths.

Zach, Jordan, Jaylen, Alexis, and Jillian are all sleeping like little angels now and I promise, I didn't cry out loud.


jazzi said...

Well.... you got some great pictures! The fact that you got them all to go to sleep in 30 minutes is astonishing to me. I hope you got a well deserved sleep before having to get up and breakfast that crew!

Cindra said...

They are sure pretty... 'cept Zach. He's a good looking young man.

I bow down to you, Brenda. I couldn't host four grandkids.

Sweetie said...

I'm tired just reading this! You're a good woman, Ms. Brenda and those youngsters are making memories they'll have forever - fun at NaNaw's and PopPops. :)

mreddie said...

You are very brave, at least I had the two older girls to help with the 4 small ones on my babysitting night. :) ec

Phyllis said...

But they look like such sweet little angels!!

Joan said...

You might have bit off a little more than you could chew Brenda!! Four kids would have made me insane, even if they are cute....have you noticed they never stop talking..never:)

cassie-b said...

4 children for a sleepover. That's a lot!

The pictures are great. Thanks,
Have a nice weekend. Maybe a bit on the quiet side?