Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Parade

My youngest sister, Terri, is turning 50 on July 29th and she's having a birthday parade tomorrow, so I'll be driving to N.Little Rock to celebrate with her.

Just so she doesn't feel too bad about reaching the mid-century mark, I'll remind her that she's only as old as

The Jolly Green Giant
Pizza Hut


cassie-b said...

Happy Birthday Terri! It must be nice to be the same age as The Jolly Green Giant.

Have a great visit.

Sally said...

Happy Birthday to your sister, Terri!! I hope the day is filled with fun and laughter. I actually KNOW it will be!!

The Jolly Green Giant - gads, I'm sooooo old. hahahaha

Have a great time!!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Terri!!! Have Tons of laughs Girl!!!hughugs

pamokc said...

Happy birthday to your sister! And I love LOVE that photo. Too cute. Thanks for stopping by! So, I post a photo tomorrow and then go to the hosting blog and say I have mine up. Is that how it works?

moma grits said...

That was just cruel nanaw! when you lay it down like that Aunt Terry seems OLD LMAO just kidding! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER FROM US

zzop357 said...

Fifty huh? Thats a nice round age.
I've noticed the more I age, the rounder I get.LOL.
I hope Terri has a wonderful Birthday.Ya'll have a safe trip and the traffic isn't too bad.
God bless, Donna

joan said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Terri. What are sisters for if you can't tease them a little. LOL

Donna said...

OK, now I feel older than dirt! LOL! Hope your sis has a terrific birthday.

PEA said...

ROFL yup, that's a nice way of telling her not to feel too old! lol I turned 50 last October and my sons loved asking me how it felt to be half a century old! Brats! lol Happy Birthday to your sister and have a fun day with her tomorrow. Love that picture!! xoxo

Sybil said...

What a great photo. Thanks for commenting on my blog as well. I really tried to come up with a good idea for numbers. It was either what I did or a highway sign, ha ha. Yes, my parents still live in AR in the same house where we were in school. My dad works out of state and comes home when he can. Mom is home, but broke her wrist around the 4th. I was helping her paint and she fell. It was a good thing me and the kids were there but had to take her all the way to Clarksdale to get it fixed! Jack lives in Horn Lake. He is married and have two boys and and a stepson. He's doing great. I have some pictures of Jack on my blog from around June for Shelby's birthday. There are also pictures of my parents too from around the 4th of July. I saw you are still in AR but are you still in "our" hometown? Oh, and thanks for the post tip. Did not know about that one!

Kellan said...

You're funny - HA! Happy Birthday to your sister! Great picture too!

Have fun - Kellan

Amanda said...

Have a great day with all the birthday celebrations!
I didn't know all those other things were 50 yr old too :-D

bichonpawz said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Gee....I'm turning the same age this year and never knew I was the same age as the Jolly Green Giant and Pizza Hut!

Anonymous said...

We were some cute little girls weren't we? Send me a copy of the photo to my email address.

Love you,