Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving Slow

My back is suffering from a bout of Beans. She spent the night last night and used me for a foot rest for the first part of the night, and as a pillow after that, so I woke up moaning and groaning this morning.

We had fun though.

While we were eating supper last night, she jumped down from her chair and ran off into another room. After about 10 minutes she came back and said, "I'm fru, wipe it." I looked down and there was a little bare butt sticking straight up in the air and a little hand waving a postage stamp sized piece of toilet paper at me. My mind said, "Oh shit", but my body jumped out of the chair and hauled naked kid, butt up, back to the bathroom to do my grandmotherly duty. I was done with supper after that. :-)

At bed time, the second bed time, not the first, Beans wanted me to tell her a story so I told her about The Three Little Pigs and then about The Three Bears. I couldn't remember all the details of those stories so I made some stuff up,,, I wonder if she'll remember my versions when Jerri tells her the correct versions some time?

Dear Lord, I hope not.

I finally talked her into going to bed, for the second time, by telling her we'd use my little clip-on reading light to read some of my book for a bit before we went to sleep. That worked out pretty well cause I am reading a Michael Palmer book and I reckon all those long words about nanotechnology and medicine put her right out.

Pretty much put me right out too.

These kids just crack me up!


Karen M said...

That story reminds me of a time my Jonathan (20 tomorrow) was waiting in the bathroom for a "wiping" and fell asleep in that position. LOL I also have a picture of him in that position. He doesn't think it is funny but I do.

Kellan said...

She sounds adorable and that was a cute story about her handing you the one piece of toilet paper - HA!

Have a good Sunday - Kellan

Sally said...

NanoWHAT? Hey, I think I'd go to sleep too. She sure keeps you on your toes, and a little cutie pie she is!!

Donna said...

Hahahahaha...I Love the "bare butt" part!!! My Word, Seriously Funny..LOLOL.....Get some Rest today!!!hughugs

Joni said...

ah moments to treasure...and stories to embarrass them with when they get older...I have a few of those myself...I thought the reading light was a great idea...I'll have to remember that one for when the time comes.

hope your day is blessed ~

Loretta said...

That's so adorable! I am about to start training Hannah. Her mom just bought her some panties, she looks so cute. I guess she won't be my baby much longer.

bichonpawz said...

The butt story is hilarious! Hope you are feeling better!

mreddie said...

I can so relate to the wiping, I've had to do the 'wiping duty' some with the small grandsons, not sure that they will ever learn how. :) ec