Monday, July 14, 2008

Whoa there Granny, STOP!!

While reading Miz Cassie-B's blog post just now, I was reminded of the inability of many of the townies around these parts to follow basic traffic laws.

While waiting in line at the gas liquid gold pumps the other day, this little old lady, who was so little she could barely see over the steering wheel of her huge SUV, threw her 2 ton driving machine into reverse, instead of drive, and proceeded to back up.

And she had the rear-end of that monster aimed straight at the front-end of my truck!

I was at least a car length behind her but she wasn't realizing her mistake, and kept coming, and coming. I was trying to get my truck into reverse to get the hell outta her way, but I finally had to toot my horn to let her know she was going to knock my headlights off because there were folks in line behind me and they didn't seem to be going anywhere.

I'm glad her hearing was good, or maybe it was the guy at the pump who was beating on her window telling her to STOP, cause my headlights remain intact.

Then there's the deal about the 4-way stops in town. I'm not sure, but I don't think they studied the same driver's manual as I did to get their license. What I learned was,

I'm confused, but the rules here seem to be,

1) The biggest, blingiest, car gets to go first, ignore traffic signals, pedestrians, school zones, and lanes specifically for turning, and under no circumstances should you slow down! (Note: we call the turn lanes, suicide lanes, down here)


3) If two drivers are trying to follow rule #2, then refer back to rule #1.

And while I'm on the subject of traffic laws, I believe there needs to be a revision of the laws concerning the gangs of youthful pedestrians in that town who walk in the middle of busy streets, many with their pants pockets down around their knee areas, which would make it impossible for them to hurriedly get out of the way of a speed demon, and expect drivers to stop, or go around them, while they leisurely make their way on to where they are going.


Donna said...

I'm gonna buy a big boy Hummer...LOL...Hope your back is better!!!hughugs

Sally said...

It's the same way here, no one except "older" people like me (although I'm NOT old,hehe) pay attention to any rules or laws. They speed up behind me when I'm doing 5 over the speed limit and get so frustrated if they can't pass me. Then, when they do and we arrive at the same stop sign or light, I get all giddy inside!! hahaha

Amanda said...

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to drive!!
I'm looking forward to the my first photo challenge.
Amanda xx

cassie-b said...

I've noticed that every trip out in the car is a new adventure. I try to just ignore the ignorance, and get home safely. Road rage is a terrible thing, and I could have a case of it every day and with good reason if I let those things bother me.

That little old lady sounds like she should be sitting on a rocking chair on the porch.

Glad you and the truck are OK.

Dawn said...

I am glad you are ok and also your truck. The lady shouldn't be allowed to drive and should be sitting at home drinking coffee.


Kellan said...

Yes - some people need to turn in their car keys and some kids DEFINITELY need to pull up their PANTS!

Take care - Kellan

mreddie said...

I seldom venture out during morning or evening rush hour but when I do I am the only one going the speed limit. It is an adventure just trying to not get run over. ec

PEA said...

It must be the same the world over...they let idiots drive! lol I don't know how often I'm driving and end up shaking my head at the way some of those drivers out there drive! Makes you wonder if they got their driver's license in a box of Cracker Jacks. As for young punks thinking they own the streets, yup, we have some of them too! Complete with pants around the knees...makes me want to go up to them and pull up their pants! lol xoxo

Anonymous said...

There are crazy drivers everywhere and I can't figure out why the kids think that wearing their pants like that is cool. I think it is their way of trying to drive us crazy. I just reach down and jerk them down in hopes they will be get a clue that it is not cool to see their butts or parts there of. Crack and I don't want to see their underwear either. I hope to see you this weekend.

Love ya,