Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wasting Time

Instead of doing all the constructive things I should have been, I've been doing meandering things that don't take a lot of concentration, due to the fact that any concentration on my part has been severely lacking of late.

For example, already this week, I've bruised the bottom of my big toe and have no idea how, and while making the kids some of that (almost) instant noodle soup, I splashed a couple of drops of the boiling broth on one of my bosoms (also referred to as booms in our household). The wounds are on the mend but the brain fog seems to want to linger (could be that my mind has gone in a hibernation mode to defend itself from all these screeching, whining, little voices that have been surrounding me of late).

During my meanderings I escaped outside with my camera the other day and took some photos of Zach's sunflowers.

Also, one day when I escaped into my puter/office/storage/junk room, I found this fun little site and made a cartoon of one of my pictures.

Last evening I took photos of my favorite summer shoes to show ya'll. They would be my favorite winter shoes too if my feet didn't get so cold. I like them so much that I have two pairs of the blue and green ones (I wish I could find more colors). The children that are frequent visitors to this house also like these shoes so it's a very good thing that all I have to do is throw them in the washer with a load of laundry to wash them.
So, I haven't been up to much good but one bright spot appears on the horizon, SCHOOL STARTS on August 19th!!

Don't forget the photo challenge tomorrow! Miz Karen has kindly agreed to be our hostess so go by and leave her a comment if you'd like to play along with us.


first horizon home loans said...
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Donna said...

Love what you created with the picture!!! You're SO Creative sweetie! Lovin those Crocs!!! I've got a black pair...
and I' guess i'm ready for the challenge....this one was...HARD!! Happy day sweetheart!!hughugs

Kellan said...

Cute shoes - love all the cool colors!

Take care - Kellan

Crystal said...

Well hell girl...ya need a stiff drink?!?!? Sounds like you need some Miz Brenda time! Can ya hide under the bed or would they find ya?!?! It'll get better August 19th!! Hang in there!

I have those SAME pink ones!! Love them too;o) much love and hugs to you sweet;o))

PEA said...

Oh sure...I'm supposed to be visiting blogs and trying to catch up with over 100 people and now you have me playing with that cartoonizing site! LOL What a fun web site...I made a cartoon sketch of Steve! lol

Love those sandals, they sure do look comfy. I was looking at mine today and I'm in desperate need of new ones...maybe I'll look to see if they have some like yours available around here.

Oh dear, I do hope your toe heals well...don't you hate that, hurting yourself but not remembering how you did it? lol

School doesn't start until the first week of September here but then the kids just got out at the end of June. I can well imagine how you're looking forward to the new school year! lol Hang in there!! xoxo

Dawn said...

I love that site for cartoons. I have bookmarked it. It looks like it will be loads of fun !!

I love all of your colors of crocs.

Have a great evening. *HUGS*

Cindra said...

cool site and i love Zach's sunflowers!

Britainy said...

Interesting post..! I like those cool designed summer shoes most. Last month my friend got a same designed summer shoes from Nordstrom.

Sally said...

Well, I sure don't know how I missed this post!! August 19th, HURRY UP, C'mon, Miz Brenda is dreaming about that day!! :)

Burn on the boom - OUCH!!!

bichonpawz said...

LOVE your Crocs....I should buy Crocs stock. Have quite a collection myself!!! I simply cannot find another shoe that is THAT comfortable!! Even have the suede winter ones!!

Debbie said...

I am so out of the loop...are these Crocs? Are they expensive? They sure as hell look comfy!