Monday, June 30, 2008

Next Photo Challenge and the Sunflowers are a'bloomin

Karen has kindly agreed to be our next hostess and has chosen PATRIOTISM for our next photo challenge topic. This is going to be so much fun! Y'all be sure to go over to Karen's and leave her a comment to let her know you'll be joining in.

Zach's sunflowers have started blooming but so far we're only seeing varieties of yellow.

This one has a tinge of rust color in the petals. I sure hope those packets of seeds had some of the more unusual colors in them.


Nonnie said...

looove the sunflowers....and i am very excited about the next photo challenge...what fun!


Ahhh those sunflowers made me feel all warm and cosy. And let me tell you i need that right now..its soooo cold and windy here! And im going out bush, where its colder...what on earth am i thinking ?? LOL.

But really, gorgeous sunflowers, they are so happy looking arent they!

Im in for the next challenge too !

Love Shann :)

Donna said...

Oh How Pretty!! That red center that flows outward is Really nice! All we see here are the pure yellow ones...Great picture Miz Brenda!!!hughugs

Jeanette said...

Pretty sunflowers! I hope you get an unusual color or two.
Can't wait for the next photo challenge!

Sally said...

Oh, I always love when your sunflowers come alive!! So pretty!
I've notices my neighbor's have become somewhat limp due to all the storms we're having.

Looking forward to the next challenge!

Crystal said...

That's a HUGE sunflower! Good shot girlie!!

Sharon Ellery said...

Great sunflowers - they can't help but make you smile.

I wouldn't mind hosting the next challenge after Karen. Is that possible?


Karen said...

I love sunflowers. I see so many of them along the road at this time of year and I'm always tempted to stop and take some pictures.