Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It Was a Full of Fun Tuesday

The girls posing on the outside stairwell of the library. Zach didn't join them as he was too busy looking through his book about the Civil War that he'd just checked out with his new library card.

The photo below is of the Phillips County Regional Library. They're going to move it into another building later but I'm sure going to miss this old place. It was built in 1891 and has all atmosphere, the smells, cubbyholes, and dark corners that I remember from libraries that I've been in here, in the U.S. and in England. Another building was built and attached to this one (not seen in this photo) around 1920 to house the Phillips County Museum. I suppose they will remain in the building.

I'm going to have to sit these children down and have a little discussion about using their imaginations to entertain themselves a little this summer, cause trying to think of ways in which I can keep them entertained, is exhausting!

Zach and MeriKate nitpicked and argued with each other through the chores I had to do for the improvement district and through the other stops when we finally drove into town. I stopped the truck, at least twice, with threats to put them out and make them stand on the side of the road until a new Nanaw took pity on them and stopped to pick them up. At one point I also threatened to tie their feet behind their head. I even used one of my old threats of "beating them naked and hiding their clothes"! They've wised up about the threats and none of them stopped the bickering and arguing for more than a second or two. It was a relief when I could finally allow them to escape the confines of the truck.

But that didn't last all day.

Mr. John Darnell, a local Civil War expert, presented the children's program about the Battle of Helena at the Phillips County Regional Library in Helena. The little children's reading room was almost full with children sitting on the floor, and Grandma's, great-Grandma's, Momma's, and other visitors, sitting on the child-sized wooden chairs around them.

Zach and the adults really enjoyed all the information that Mr. Darnell was so knowledgeable of, the younger kids mostly enjoyed being about to touch and try on so many of the Civil War items he was showing them. Every hat was tried on (except for this one child who's Momma insisted, in a loud voice, that he not put another person's hat on his head.) and every item was touched and smelled by the kiddies. You could tell that Mr. Darnell really knew his stuff by allowing the kids to do this, because little children will forever remember touching and trying on that Confederate, or Union soldier's hat, but they won't remember, for very long, all the details about the discussion surrounding it.

Next week we'll be going back to the library to see a Magic show.

MeriKate and Jilly Beans decided they'd come spend the night with us, so after Zach's Tae Kwon Do class, we stopped by the grocery store and arrived home a little after 7. The kids took sandwiches and had a picnic on the swing outside while Nanaw ate a sandwich with the pouting PopPop who, I reckon, was upset because I wasn't at home all afternoon cooking him a 3 course meal. (that's ok, I'll feed him up tonight with a load of spicy food that'll give him gas for days and that'll shut him up, or at least give me a little revenge for him daring to say anything).

After we get a few chores done this morning, I'm going to put out the drawing paper, crayons, and colored pencils and instruct the kiddies to draw Nanaw something bright and colorful. That should keep them busy for an hour or two.

Now, I'm off to mop the kitchen floor. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and has a super-duper Wednesday!


Sally said...

hahahahaha - sorry I'm laughing about PopPop and the things you threatened the kiddies with!! Yeah, after a while they realize they're "non-existent". But, you really come up with some good ones!!

Good for you taking them to the library; too bad you can't drop em off and come back in say, 3-4 hours. :)

You've got the summer cut out for you, that's for sure. Better you than me!! ((HUGS))

Donna said...

Poor PopPop!!!LOLOL....I'd have told him to get Over it, and be quick about it! I'm sorry, but Hubby has learned. I use to be SO submissive in my younger days...but No More!! I've Also worked my butt off for years and I already had One Daddy...don't need another one!!!LOLOL
MY WORD!!! Where did THAT come from??!!!!LOLOL...
I Love that Library!!! I want 'ta go!!!!hughugs

Attila The Mom said...

Just love the pics!

What in the world did the clothes smell like? LOL

Crystal said...

LOL! That was just too funny! Love the pics of the kids, they just TOO cute;o)

Dawn said...

Poor PopPop didn't get his dinner. I bet you will fix him up tonight.

You are really good at organizing these trips for your grandkids during the summer. Have the pools opened yet? Maybe you could get them a season ticket. Just an idea. *HUGS*

Jeanne said...

I love libraries especially old ones, so much character. The town we used to live in had two old ones that we frequented all the time. Spent MANY days there when my DD was little at various programs and throughout the years. We live around the corner from the great old building that houses the library here and it's great fun having it so close to go to anytime I want(long as it's

Brenda said...

Miz Sally, I only had to take Zach and MeriKate, Jerri had her two and Abby, but I came home with Beans so that gave me an extra. I wasn't going to babysit this summer but it was going to cost Jami her whole paycheck for a sitter and the cost of gas to take them back and forth so I caved.

Ha! I'm not submissive Miz Donna, I just pick my fights. :-) He's a typical redneck from these parts. He doesn't get it, will never get it, so I just give him a look, shake my head, and go ahead and do what I want. :-) Sometimes I do call him an Asshole and a few other choice words.

They smelled like 144 yr old, mothball ridden, musty duds Miz ATM. :-) Not a'tall stylish either.

We think they're right cute too Miz Crystal, and you know what cute is cause you've got yourself two cuties too.

Brenda said...

Yep, I fixed him up tonight Miz Dawn, so well that he might be able to stand himself as soon as he starts the digestive process. :-) We only have 1 public pool and it's about 20 miles away and not a very nice place. We take them to Storm Creek lake (which is closer) a lot though, they have a really nice swimming area there.

I love libraries too Miz Jeanne, I've decided that if there's ever a diaster where I have to stay holed up somewhere for a long time, I'd want it to be in a library!

dabrah said...

That library looks fabulous, and I'm still wearing the smile that's left after I finished laughing about some of the comments you made.

Brenda said...

Well I'm mighty glad I could make you smile Miz Dabrah!

Virginia Gal said...

oh dear, you are the summer camp counselor for all the grandkids? Eeck!

Perhaps you can do a mini-Olympics at the local elementary school playground, not only will it keep them busy but hopefully tucker them out.

Also, maybe having them plant their own plot of land?

I am sad to hear the library is moving, I love those old library's they have such charm.

Brenda said...

Virginia Gal I think Nanaw is going to tire out a lot quicker than the kids will. :-)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Brenda, I love libraries and travel all over to go to different ones.
You are so sweet for taking care of your grandbabies.
They are very lucky to have you.
Sending you love, Nita

P.s thank you for the kind comment you left me.

Cindra said...

That library reminds me of the library of my youth. I don't think it is in use anymore either, but I sure do have wonderful memories of times spent there.

Back in the day you could walk to the library as a young child and parents didn't have 24/7 television and the Internet to put the fear of the unknown into them. We were allowed to roam at will, so a NaNaw threatening to drop us alongside a road was an adventure not a threat.

They are lucky to have you because those of us that don't have memories of times spent with grandmother's get all misty eyed thinking of the love behind those creative threats!