Friday, June 27, 2008

Got those challenge photos ready?

I wanted to remind everyone who wants to participate in the current photo challenge to go over and visit Miz Joni to let her know you've been busy snapping everything Orange and want to join in. Tomorrow's the day!


The Helena-West Helena Mayor has written a letter of apology,,, of a sort, to the good people of his town. The first thing I noticed is that he isn't apologizing for any wrongdoing in ordering the abandonment of those poor pups, he still doesn't think he did anything wrong.

He's ruffled quite a few feathers locally, nationally, and worldwide. No arrests have been made yet, wondering if there will be?

Here's some of the latest news about some of the pups that have been found.

I'm hoping be able to come by to visit off and on today. There are 3 little girls and a terrorist in my living room so it's probably going to be just a little hectic around here.


Sally said... FOUR kids. I'm whipped with one, and she just left a minute ago. We had so much fun today, though!!

It will be interesting to say the least IF there will be any arrests. Thanks for the update!

Donna said...

Thanks for updating!! He seems to be a real turkey!!
I'm with Sally!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT???
And I'm ready!hughugs

Nonnie said...

hadn't read or heard about this....can't imagine what he was thinking!....guess he wasn't.

i am ready for tomorrow....and excited to be participating in my first! we have a baptism in the will have to visit the others a little later in the day....but i will be there!

Kellan said...

Hope you had a good day - have a good weekend - Kellan

Jeanne said...

I hadn't read this, thanks for sharing. What a jerk he is. I have no use for anyone who mistreats animals or children. Glad to hear there's some happy news. Looking forward to seeing your pictures for orange.

dabrah said...

I agree with Sally and Donna, I don't know how you do it all. I'll drop by later to see if you've posted your orange pictures.