Friday, June 13, 2008

WARNING: One of my pottymouth rants ahead.

First of all, I've got to tell you that I don't live within the city limits of Helena-West Helena, AR (thank God!), but it's the closest town of any size to us, so it's where we have go to shop, do our banking, and other stuff you need to visit a town for. What goes on there has a lot of effect on our lives out here in the county. Here's the deal,

Mayor J. Valley of Helena-West Helena, AR, during one of his lightening bolt whiffs of self-righteous, self-serving, wisdom, decided he was tired of hearing complaints about the housing conditions of the stray dogs collected by the city so he gives the order for them to be taken out and released in the St. Francis National Forrest which is out in the county. (near the swimming and boat ramp area).

When you view the video about his newsworthy actions, be on the look out for the lady who's standing on one of the city streets, many of those buildings on that street are empty and there are empty buildings all over the city, some of which might become suitable for renovation to become a shelter for those poor abandoned animals.

If you click to view one of the Mayor's blogs/websites, you'll see that he posted a slide show of the stray animal facilities in Forrest City, AR. (I don't quite understand why he did this, due to this being a city located along Interstate 40, and who's major income from tax revenues comes from travelers from across the U.S., which in no way compares to the lack of tax revenues Helena-West Helena will always have, (even though their sales tax rate is among the highest in the U.S.) Is Mayor Valley suggesting that his city should build such a facility? Are there funds left over for such a facility after the generous pay raise he asked for, and received, recently? If there are funds, is he willing to allow a facility to be built with them?

Hell yes the conditions these animals were being kept in were horrible, the cages were dirty, the animal's water was dirty. But, according to the Mayor, there were only about 13 animals in all, so WHY were the conditions so miserable? Seems to me, one person, spending an hour or so a day, could have cleaned the cages and made sure there was fresh food and water for these poor pups until arrangements could be made to better house them. (and by the way, the local Wal Mart donates all their food).

Anyway, I'm gonna let you folks click the links and read about all this for yourselves. It's sad, it's horrible, the man's an idiot and he deserves whatever he gets. I just hope he gets it in spades!


Donna said...

Release them in the ...Forest??? WhaT????....I Gotta watch these!!! Geez!!!! Calm down sweetie....Don't let him get to you anymore than he already has...Idiots are Everywhere!!! At Least he didn't say "Gas 'Em"...gads....Try to have a good day sweetheart!hughugs

cassie-b said...

That whole story is hard to believe. I hope they find a solution - and find those poor dogs.


Dawn said...

Wow, what a story. I hope they can find the dogs. It just infuriates me!! Try to have a good day!! *HUGS*

Crystal said...

I'd like to take a freakin baseball bat to that guy. Prick....Sorry for the rough language but i'm with you, animal cruelity just gets my blood up.

Sally said...

Well, Mr. Mayor ESQ, we'd like to "apprise" you!! Geez, and he gives a new word to learn everyday.


dabrah said...

Isn't there a danger that if they're in the forest and they get hungry they might start attacking people?

Kellan said...

I only looked at the link briefly, but I want to go back and view it all. It sounds to me like he's, like you said - an idiot and it makes me crazy when there are idiots like this able to say to do these sorts of stupid things. I too, hope they find a solution!

Thanks so much for stopping by - have a good weekend - Kellan

Jeanette said...

Aww I certainly ope that they find all those dogs. Sounds like you all have a mayor in your state like our wonderful mayor of Detroit!

Loretta said...

He deserves being left in the woods!! Those poor dogs can't survive in the wild. What an A**.


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I had read your blog before and unfortunately either didn't bookmark/couldn't find it. I was so happy when I ran across it again. I love the way you write about things and feel that we have a lot in common. I wanted to let you know that because of your blog entry regarding Mayor Valley and the dogs, that I sent e-mails to your local T.V. station, daily newspaper and humane society. I hope you will keep us posted about what's going on in that situation. I didn't know how to contact you by e-mail and don't "do" I.M. Anyway, thank you for caring enough to let people know about those poor dogs. Here are some e-mail addresses/links in case someone else would like to send e-mails.

THV2 TV Station:

THV2 TV Station:

Delta Humane Society:

Editor, Daily World:

Mayor Valley's Blog:

Keep up the good work and good blogging!

Brenda said...

Karen, Please feel free to contact me at dian1954 at gmail dot com.