Sunday, June 15, 2008

This, That, and the Other


The phone rang on Friday and this little, excited, voice said,

"Nanaw, Nanaw, I gotta new puppy, him's Frankie!"

"Beans, is that you?"

"Yep, I gots a new puppy, Frankie, I wuv him!"

"Oh Wow! A new puppy, where did you get him, did you go to the forest and find one of those lost puppies and bring one home?"

"Nope, I got him at da Wal Mart."

(Nanaw's laughing out loud by now)

"At Wal Mart? You found a puppy at Wal Mart? You bought him at the store? Beans, let me talk to your Momma."

Once Jerri captured the phone from Beans, who was through talking anyway beings that she had a new critter to "pway wit", she told me that they really had gotten the puppy from outside the local Wal Mart where someone she knew had a whole box full, and was trying to find new homes for them. So, y'all meet Frankie.


The winter wheat harvest is almost done around here. My head's been stopped up cause of all the smoke from the fields the farmers are burning. A few of them practice no-till where they just plant in the wheat stubble, but there are many more of the ones who practice idiocy (like we need all that pollution).

Anyway, what I'm leading up to is the reason I'm posting these cloud pictures. I call them wheat clouds because they form when they're burning the wheat stubble. There will be anywhere from 3 to a dozen of these clouds in the sky every time you look. I'll be glad when they're all done.

the Other

A few more blooms are popping open around the yard. This sunflower grew from a seed dropped from the bird feeder so it's our first bloomer this year. Zach's multicolored ones will be blooming later on, I hope. Above the sunflower is one of the blooms on the rose moss from the flower boxes. I love these little delicate blooms and especially love all the different bloom colors.

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out in blogland!!


Sally said...

at da WalMart HAHAHAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing!!!!!! That is too funny! What a cutie! I just love your grandkids, all a dem!! :)

Those pictures are wild, girl; I'd say pretty if not for the pollution that's driving you nuts. Hope it's over soon!

The Beans reminds me: Patti always asks me "why do you say 'I'm going to THE Walmart, or to THE KMart, or to THE W/D?' I don't know why she thinks that's funny; it's just the way I talk. Me and the Beans. hahaha

LOVE your flowers!!!!

cassie-b said...

I wuv him too!"

Our sunflowers are starting to look good, but I think we'll be a couple more weeks before any of them bloom.

We do,however, have our first red (well, nearly red) tomato on our cherry tomato plant on the deck.


Donna said...

AWWWW...Major Precious!!!! She is Wonderful! And Now you have Frankie to love! Things just can't get better than that Girl!!!LOL....
In a strange way, those clouds are beautiful...But I'll bet it plavs havoc on the nose!
And as Always, your flowers are beautiful....Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

Dawn said...

That is just precious. She got Frankie at da Wal Mart. How sweet and she wuv him.

The clouds are pretty. But they would play havoc with my sinus and my eyes.

I 'wuv' sunflowers. Your other flowers are very pretty as well!!

Just Joni said...

puppies and children just go together...wishing them a long and healthy relationship...and your photos were great, I've never seen "wheat" clouds before, but can definitely see how they might play havoc with allergies! Sunflowers are my favorite and this one is almost like a gift since the seed was just dropped from the bird those little "surprises."

Cindra said...

I am so jealous. Last year I had a sunflower that a bird dropped... no droppings this year... no sunflowers...
Can't wait to see Zach's.

Crystal said...

God bless look at those colorful flowers! And Beans and Frankie look like two peas in a pod! Is that BUBBLES she's playin with? Too cute Brenda;o)

bichonpawz said...

That is TOOOO CUTE!!! So glad that Beans was able to get her little pup! Good for her. Hope your pollution goes away real soon. I've missed reading blogs lately....and am pleased with your whole new look...WOW!! Great Job!