Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Swimmin' Kind of Day

Zach, Merikate, Krysten, and I went over to Jerri's today so the kiddies could all whoop, holler, and swim together. It only took Alexis, Jillian, and Abby a few minutes to put their suits on when we got there and the splashing commenced. They had a good time and Nanaw was able to put her feet up and rest a bit.

Thanks for giving them a fun day Jerri!

Jilly Beans went with us to Zach's Tae Kwon Do and then came home with us. She and Zach stayed outdoors until just before dark looking for more "hoppies".

Supper tonight was Sonic burgers, nothing to brag about but heartburn. :-)


Kellan said...

My kids love to swim and live in the pool during the summer and I am right there by their sides a lot of the time.

Darling picture!

Hope you had a good day - see you - Kellan

bichonpawz said...

Glad Nanaw had a break today!! Your summers sound do you do it....Nanaw???

Sally said...

So glad you got a bit of rest while the kiddos had fun! Love the picture!! :)

Donna said...

'Bout Time you got some Well deserved rest Girl!! Glad the babies had fun to!! Beautiful picture!!!hughugs

Sheila said...

Hello Brenda.. I also live in Arkansas.. Just out of Searcy.. I saw your blog by following links and said hey there's one of our gals.. lol.. great blog you have going and i will add you to mine .. hope to see more of your great wit.. Sheila