Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Thursday but where did Wednesday go?

Zach and Beans

Krysten (this child can drill you with a stare that won't quit)

MeriKate, Abby, and Alexis (aka, the Chick)

I didn't have as much snuggle time with Jilly Beans while she was here because she was too busy "pwaying" with the bigger girls, but we still got in several cuddle sessions.

Jerri came around noon with Abby and Alexis so all the kids sat on the swing outside with their sandwiches and then afterwards we went next door to let them swim awhile in our neighbor's pool.

While they were splashing and whooping and hollering the adults discussed all the local gossip which included the lastest updates on the good ole H-WH Mayor. James told me last night that he'd heard on a Memphis radio program that one of the Jazz/Blues musicians there was going to try to put together a benefit to raise money to help build a facility for any future animals (currently, the Mayor states that there will be no more animals collected from the streets). I sure hope they don't give any money raised to the City cause I fear it would be benefiting the dogs alright, just not the ones of the animal persuasion. Maybe they'll do the right thing and raise money for the Human Society so that they can see that's it's used responsibly.

I'm on week two of dealings with the Improvement District that I do the books for. It's a sewer improvement district, the board president is elderly, disabled, and doesn't know how to write a check, and because I'm kind sometimes, instead of them delivering the things I need to do their accounting, every month I drive 10 miles there and 10 miles back to pick the stuff up, write checks to pay their bills, mail their bills, and make their deposits for them. And apparently, somewhere along the way, during the 14 years that I've been doing this, I've also been adopted for the title of General Flunky for the district.

About two weeks ago I got calls from a plumber and an electrician that the board president had hired to repair the system pumps, they both told me all that was wrong with the pumps and that there was little he could do to repair them, and they needed to be rebuilt or replaced.

All that information went over my head like a jet breaking the sound barrier cause,

I ain't no plumber.

And I ain't no electrician.

I'm a bean counter.

So, I called the offices of Rural Development, who finances the improvement projects and told a fella there as much as I could about the problem due to the fact that I ain't no plumber and I ain't no electrician, and gave him the phone numbers to contact the fellas that had called me so he could get the real deal. He took the numbers and then gave me a number of a place to call to see about getting a bid on repairing or rebuilding the pumps.

I called the number, told them I needed an estimate, and he started asking me questions. I told him the same thing about my lack of plumbing and electrical knowledge as I'd told the other fellas and gave him all the phone numbers in my possession for the people who were supposed to know these things.

Since then I've been filling out loan apps, updating, printing, and scanning, emailing, financial statements, getting phone calls, and while doing all of this, breaking up fights among the kiddies who watch like hawks to see when I'm being distracted by business.

I only charge the District $100 a month for doing their books (I told you I was kind sometimes), I think I'm going in the hole here.

Ok, I'd better get off this computer and do some chores,,,or maybe not.

Hope y'all are having a great day!


Dawn said...

I am thrilled that your neighbor had the pool for the kiddies.

Sounds like you are real busy. I hope that gets resolved real quick!

Crystal said...

LOVE the pictures of the kids! I wish we could get a pool...i'd be in it right now! Well, maybe not...I'd fall asleep and get sunburned knowing my luck;o) Have a wonderful day!

Kellan said...

Cute pictures - they looks like they are having so much fun. ANd ... $100 a month doesn't sound right - are you sure - HA! That doesn't sound like enough.

Thanks so much for coming by and offering such a kind and supportive comment! Nice to see you too - see you soon - Kellan

Donna said...

Good Grief Woman!! I need someone to come in and do My books, do payroll, billing, paying bills, answer the phone, order material, enter invoices, sweep the place out, clean bathrooms....make coffee???LOLHahahaha....I'm sorry! Asking you to do the coffee Is a bit much...Will a hundred and ten do it???? Oh yeah! you'll have to pay for your own gas!!!
You are One Heck of a Wonderful Woman!!!! This says SO much about the kind of person you are sweetie!! But we already know that about you!!! Bless your heart! I Hope they appreciate you!!!hughugs

Virginia Gal said...

I love the idea of sitting around the back yard catching up on local gossip. I hope some Southern Ice tea was involved : )

Anonymous said...

Those are such great pictures! You've gotta love summer time :)

Sally said...

I sure don't know how you manage all that!! There used to be a song that went something like 'you're too good to be true'. Hang in there, Ms. Brenda.

The kids, as always, are adorable and look so happy! :)

bichonpawz said...

The kids look like they are enjoyin' themselves! One hundred does NOT sound like enough for all you do. You really ARE a kind person!!! WOW!!