Sunday, June 01, 2008

Memphis Zoo

These guys had the right idea. It was a hot day at the zoo.

Here's Jerri taking a load off, I kept waiting for her to wipe out but she handled that downhill ride pretty durn good.

Mr. Zebra

It was so hard to take photos of many of the animals because they were behind that thick glass/plexiglass stuff, or mesh fencing, but I got a few of Mr. Tiger here that came out pretty good.

These Piranha were quite pretty so it's hard to believe they like munching on meaty stuff.

My favorite spot in the whole Zoo was the Butterfly Garden. It was so beautiful in there.

Zach the Cow Boy.

Alexis(aka the Chick), MeriKate, Abby

Alexis and Jillian (aka Jilly Beans) rubbing the Budda's belly.

They look good behind bars, don't they?

We had so much fun! The kids were almost little angels and I made it fine with the walking and the heat for the first few hours before I finally gave up and rented one of those scooter things to tool around on. I was able to keep up after that.


Donna said...

These are Wonderful Miz Brenda!! What an Unsual colored tiger!! Beautiful! And those little Monkeys look so Precious behind those bars!!LOL...Hope You made it to sleep last night without any trouble!!!LOL....hughugs

Brenda said...

I think his color is a little weird due to my having to take the photo through plexi-glass. The mesh screen stuff that keeps them in was too small for my lens to fit through. I thought about climbing in with him but was afraid he'd eat me before my old butt could get back out. LOL

AndiePandie said...

Oh that tiger is purty! I don't think I've seen one so light before.

Sally said...

Fantastic photo's, Ms. Brenda!! Wow, they're all unique and pretty. I'm glad you found a way to get around, that's hard work all the walking with the crooks and curves.

The kids are just so, so adorable. ALL of them, Jerri too!! :)

Mary Lou said...

Have you ever been to the San DIego Zoo? AWESOME!!!! But lots of walking!!! Too bad you have such Ugly granddaughters! ;)

Crystal said...

Damn girl! ALL those pictures are awesome and came out good!!! Glad you all had fun;o)

bichonpawz said...

I'm so glad you took us on your trip with you!!! That's what I feel like when people put pics on their blogs!!! Terrific day, it looks like. And, yeah, I hear you about the scooter!!

bichonpawz said...

Oh, I wanted to tell you the kids are adorable!

Tiff said...

Hello Brenda from your old blog friend from Mississippi! I haven't been around for some time now but stopping in to say hello! I a glad to know your blog is still up and going! :-)

I have never been to the memphis zoo. We really need to take my daughter sometime...before she gets too big and thinks she is too "cool" for it! HAHA!

Cindra said...

You are too funny! Behind bars... they are way too sweet for that!