Friday, June 17, 2005

Ya don't have to live in the desert to have cactus wounds!

I swear the little bastids jumped out and grabbed me as I was mowing cause I know I wasn't that close to that cactus plant! Unlike the rose thorn wound of last year where I didn't brake in time, I know not to press my luck around those prickly cacus bushes.

"Wait and see if I ever mow near those danged things again", says she whilst pulling the 14 dozen needles outta her leg with a pair of tweezers.


Zach's Clover team mates ended their regular season games last night with another loss but we eased their pains with 8 or 10 pizzas and their coaches and sponsor gave them awards so it was a good ending. Now we've just got to make it through these All Star practices and tournaments and we'll be home free!

My throbbing, needle poked leg and I will be sitting on the bleachers again this evening waiting for the end of another practice and tomorrow morning we're off to Marion (across the river from Memphis) for a tournament.


Jerri called this morning after her doctor's appointment with the news that we'll be meeting our new granddaughter, Jillian, around 8 a.m. July the 8th. Now, this Nanny is hoping that Zach's first ballgame at the state tourniment is in the afternoon on that day so I can be there to say Happy Birthday!

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