Friday, June 03, 2005

It's Friday Already!

This week flew by didn't it? I'm sitting here now trying to rememember where it went and gathering my thoughts of all that must be done today and I'm tired.

As soon as the terrorist wakes up we're off to Forrest City to try to find another pair of ball pants because he needs some with belt loops for the All Stars. I also need to stock up on snacks that will fit into a tote bag for the tournament tomorrow. Then I'll have to get back home to do a little housework, throw some supper in the crockpot, then get Zach to ball practice.

Tomorrow we'll have to rise early because the tournament is in Harrisburg which is almost 2 hours north of here and their first game is at 10:00 a.m. I bought a couple of those camp chairs, because my big, old butt has started to flatten from sitting on those horrible bleachers, so maybe it won't feel like such a long day with softer seating arrangements.

They're playing in the State tournament beginning July 8th in Little Rock so last night I booked a room for 2 nights because James will be going with us (he'd better not decided when it's time that he just HAS to work!) I'm pretty upset about the timing because we feel fairly sure that the 8th will also be the day the doc will schedule the delivery of our new granddaughter. Jerri's extended family will all be there but it makes my heart ache to have to wait a couple of days to say hello to our new baby.

That's all of my whining I can stand this Friday morning. Ya'll have a good un!!

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