Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope all you Daddies had a delightful day full of fun and relaxation!


Today bout did me in. I had planned a leisurely morning of sleeping in and a late breakfast before heading out to Marion again at noon but a cramp grabbed the calf of my left leg around 4 a.m. at about the same moment that the phone rang. James was already up having coffee and watching TV so I had an audience as he watched me struggle, in turrable pain, on one freakin leg, to get to the phone. When I heard his aunt on the line I knew it had to be bad news so after I said hello I passed the phone on to him. Another aunt, one who was quite young at 58, died some time around 3 this morning.

He went over to visit the family for a short while this morning and we left at noon for the tournament and arrived in time to see about half of the game which was to determine our opposition today.

Our Twin City All Stars played their hearts out and won the championship game 14 to 8. They were as proud as little peacocks when they went on that field after the game for their trophies.

We had hoped to host a tournament here at home next weekend but it doesn't look as though that's going to pan out so we'll know for sure by Wednesday if we'll be playing in Lonoke (which is about an hour's drive) or in Hot Springs (which is about 3 1/2 hours drive. If they play in the Hot Springs tournament we'll have to stay overnight for sure.

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