Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pissin on daises

There's not a whole hell of a lot on TV that captures my attention but occasionally a program does come on that warrants a look and sometimes a commercial will cause me to look up from folding that load of towels. I reckon I have a short attention span or something. Anyway, the other day, this commercial came on with these bunches of daisies on it and I'm thinking, "Cool, daisies, I like daisies and those are some lovely, different, looking daisies", so my radar sorta, kinda, tunes in, although I'm still not actually listening.

Then they zoom to a close up of one of the daisies. A daisy who's petals suddenly no longer look like any petal I've ever seen. Then it hits me,,,,,,

Serenity ain't an advertisement for daisies folks.

Who makes up this shit? What's a daisy got to do with a pad that keeps your drawers dry when you've pissed on yourself?
I tell ya, I was at a loss for words! I was actually sputtering and muttering as I gathered my towels and put them away. Those folks will resort to anydamnthing to pull you in, thinking if you just watch for a few seconds, that you'll imagine that their product will make you feel like a princess dancing through a field of daises instead of the old broad with damp drawers cause of your incontinence.

It just ain't right! And as far as I'm concerned, it's worse than those commercials that draw you in with the promises of dry, and flowery when they're trying to sell you those personal feminine products. Cause at least they can't make you think you're watching a commercial for daisies, you know from the tinkly music what's coming on those ads, and it ain't purdy, no matter how hard they try to make it so.

So there's your warning for the week folks, don't be fooled by mother nature inspired advertisers into believing that those daisy petals will keep you smelling like anything but stale urine. ( And I don't believe that they can make those petals absorbent enough anyway.) They almost got me with their wiley ways but I escaped in time!

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