Sunday, June 05, 2005

Feeling old today.

I didn't think I'd be posting for several days because when I turned my puter on Friday evening I had an error message about the cpu fan being down but I had a little time this morning to open the cabinet and take a look around and a can of air fixed it for now. So here I am.

The terrorist is still curled up in bed snoozing after 15 hours of baseball yesterday. We left home around 7 a.m. yesterday and I pulled into my driveway at 1:32 a.m. this morning. They only played 4 games but we watched most of the other's games too so we could check out the competition. The championship game started at 10 last night. Zach's team (Twin City All Stars) came away with the first place trophey but those little fellas fought every step of the way for it. I swear some of those kids play like the big boys! Zach got himself a homerun in the 3rd game and he was a puffed out like a peacock.

I made excellent time driving home last night which is amazing since I had no help in staying awake. Zach stripped to his sliders and was asleep before we got out of the ballpark parking lot so about half way home I had to resort to singing loudly with the radio to keep from nodding off.

I only took a couple of photos yesterday because we were busy moving from one field to another all day but some of the parents took a few shots of the team with their big trophy so when and if I get a copy I'll scan em and post em.

Here's one of Zach as we were scouting one of the teams.

This look says, "Nanaw, will you stop, I'm trying to watch the game!"

A shot of the little individual trophy each winning team player was awarded. Isn't it cute?

I think we're scheduled to play in another tournament in Marion next Saturday but that's a teeny, tiny bit closer, I think.

I hope I can get these ball pants clean before then!

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