Monday, June 27, 2005

Home Again!

And it sure is good to be back on my home turf if for no other reason that to try to get these kinks out of my aching, old body. We'll have 12 days to get over this trip before we head to Little Rock for the State Tournament. (The coaches have already scheduled 3 practices for this week alone!)

Trish and the girls are doing great! Trish works every day at her job with Arkansas Blue Cross and Jordan is busy spending the summer in a Parks and Recreation program that keeps her busy every day. She also plays girl's softball so she's been busy with games and tournaments too. Jaylen has fun at her daycare where she's already learning to read at the old age of 3 1/2! They're both so very polite and well-mannered and are growing up so fast!

I wasn't too impressed with Hot Springs. It could have been that we really didn't have a lot of time to see much of it but I was disappointed to see so much commercialization of the little, old, city. We drove to Lake Hamilton during a break from the ballgames and there was nowhere for the public to sit by the water and just enjoy the view. Everywhere you looked there were boat rental places or big, fancy homes butting up to every inch of lake frontage. We thought about driving out to Lake Catherine where there was supposedly a park by the lake but it was 11 miles from downtown and we felt we wouldn't have enough time.

We arrived early yesterday so were able to take a stroll down a part of the Grand Promenade above Bathhouse Row. That little portion of Central Ave. was pretty with the tiny shops and art galleries. There is a rehabilitation center that was built in the early 1900's at the top of the hill where the Grand Pomenade begins. I thought the building was great!

I reckon I got my protein allotment this trip too. I took along a couple of things to snack on during the Saturday games and as I was munching down on some trail mix,,,several bites of it in fact,,,I noticed that in the few minutes since we'd opened it and sat it on the ground, some other hungry critters had decided they needed a snack too. I don't know how many ants I ate, but I think it's best I don't think on it too hard.

I originally posted photos from the trip here on my blog page but it appears that blogger is being a total ass today cause they weren't showing up. I going to do a little blog walking now, hope everyone is having a great day!

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