Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's already Tuesday?

I did a few things around the house yesterday in my haphazard way so I guess my Monday zipped on past too quickly. I always have these good intentions about getting things done around here but they don't tend to last long. I did clean the mirrors, vacuum, and do a few loads of laundry so I hope that counts for something even if you still can't get in the front door for all the shoes.

Zach and the girls are learning about piddling in the garden from their PopPop so yesterday Zach took it upon himself to pull some onions because he felt like they were getting to be too big. This was fine except that he pulled about 3 dozen of the danged things. I spent over an hour cleaning onions!

One of the coaches called last night to move ball practice up by half an hour tomorrow evening and to tell us that the tournament will definitely be in Hot Springs this weekend. I guess I'll need to pack our bags in a day or two.

The funeral for James's aunt will be tomorrow afternoon. I've discovered over the years that his extended family never sees one another until someone dies. I haven't seen his Aunt Eloise, the one who died, in at least 20 years. I sort of got the feeling that the lady didn't really care much for her family. James told me that she moved up north right after she got out of high school and I only remember her visiting a few times over the years that her mother was still alive.

I need to run into town to pick up a few things and I plan to stop and get a hug from the Chick while I'm there. Ya'll have a great day!!

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