Saturday, June 18, 2005

Up Thar In Marion, Arkansas

The drive wasn't too bad but they sure had a teeny, tiny ball field to be situated right on I55 like they are and to be within sneezing distance of the West Memphis city limits. They did have trees though so most of the morning we were blessed with a bit of shade.

Our boys played 3 games and won three games and their last game is tomorrow at 3 p.m. for the championship. I hope they win it since we must make that drive again.
I've been trying to get those white ball pants clean since I've been home. I think they do most of their sliding just so they can grind in the dirt to put those pre-wash stain removers to the ultimate test. I threw his dirty, grimy hat on top of a bowl and stuck it in the dishwasher. Think it'll come clean?

Tired but winners!

Maliek made it home.

Zach at bat.

Trish called me as we were watching the last game to tell me that Jordan played in a tournament today as well. She played in 6 games, back to back, hit 6 home runs, and her last home run of the day got her 3 RBIs and gave them the win. They won the 3rd place spot!! We played against a team today that had 2 little girls playing for them and they were crackerjack hitters (just ask Zach!). We could use Jordan over here with us!