Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just a lazy Sunday.

Actually it was quite a lazy Saturday too so I've had two days where I've done little to nothing. After I finally rolled from the bed this morning and got my eyes open a bit, I went into town to get a few groceries and picked up the Chick for a visit with Nanny and PopPop before I came home. Thereafter, we played, and played and she chattered, and chattered. I swear that child is 2 going on 30.

She got upset with her PopPop twice today, the first time he's not sure what he did to make her mad but she told him she'd "kick his butt" and when he told her should "wouldn't either", she came stomping onto the porch yelling for Nanny so she could tell on him. The second time she was getting a cold beer out of the cooler for him (they train em young here) while we were outside and decided she wanted to keep it to pour into her sippy cup. She cried real tears when he told her she couldn't have the beer.

Jessie came over to play for a little while and Alexis insisted that she join her in the toy cupboard. Mind you, it was a tight fit. But they managed!

Zach's been at his Mom's for the past 2 nights and is staying again tonight. He's called several times to remind us that he'll be home soon though. I guess he wants to make sure we're not liking the quiet too much.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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