Monday, January 31, 2005

Another Monday

I made it through the day without screwing up too much but lately my screw-ups are the highlights of my life so maybe it's not such a good thing to be totally screw-upless.

I was in a "mood" when I left work so when the time came to skedaddle outta there, I checked to see if anyone was waiting (there wasn't), checked to see if there were any returns to be checked over (only the ones I'd done, so there weren't), told the receptionist I was outta there, and left. It was a busy day and I was done-in.

I had to stop in to buy bread and milk on my way home so $50 bucks plus later I was on my way home to the sound of sloshing and curchunking of tossed groceries in the back seat of my truck and the cranked up tunes of the Eagles as I made stops at the two stoplights (I always catch the redlights) and made the 4 right turns, plus a left, that take me into my driveway (not bad for 12 miles huh?) I've never counted the potholes that add to the sounds my groceries make but some day I'm gonna.

I walked in the door with both arms loaded with groceries and asked my over-worked hubby to please go out for the other 2 bags (just bread and milk remember?). I noticed as I came in that the grass and other bits of indefinable stuff was still all over the carpet from the kid play of the day before so I decided to grab the vacuum before unpacking the bags. I managed to get a nice trail cleared whilst unburdening my body of some of the hateful work attire I'm forced to wear in public during the day. After hubby deposited the other bags in the kitchen he told me he'd finish the vacuuming. I reckon he was hungry and decided the food would come quicker if he cleaned up a little of the mess (which at least half was his anyway) but I fooled him by making my way on to my bathroom where I was able to don my regular uniform of jamma bottoms and t-shirt before making my way back to the kitchen to throw some steaks in a skillet and some taters in the microwave.

Now the food's been eaten, the Terrorist bathed, and Nanny is going to finish up a little book work before she hits the hay.

Was I on'na roll or what?

I hope everyone's Monday was fine and I promise I'm gonna get caught up with my blog strolling as soon as things slow down a little around here.


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