Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today was better.

Nothing spectacular or anything but normal except for having to leave home early enough to go by JW Paint and Body Shop for an estimate. $3785.00 worth of eyeballing later, I arrived at work and started my work day. And I was actually early since I made the late grand entrance yesterday.

I did have to do a little float trip this morning on our road. This, my dear friends and family, is the reason I prefer driving a truck!

I do prefer to drive a truck without dents in it though.

I did wake up with aches and pains this morning but no worse than the stiffness I normally wake up to so I guess the only thing that was actually hurt in the accident was my truck and my feelings.

This morning as I was telling the ladies at work about the accident, one of them remarked that you'd think the traffic would slow down when they noticed the blue lights flashing beside the highway. I told her that it wasn't necessarily true in this neck of the woods (the redneck, neck, of the woods). They probably saw the blue lights and just thought someone was late to take down their Christmas decorations!

She thought I was joking.

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