Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sometimes I'm just a Bitch.

Although James thinks I am all the time,
it's really only sometimes. I try to hold "her" back but sometimes "she" just escapes and says her piece.

This afternoon the phone rang while I was trying to do two things at once during supper preparation and an Earthlink telemarketer told me, in broken English, how Earthlink could increase the speed of my dial-up dramatically. I asked him if it were really possible for my connection to be speeded up on 40-yr-old phone lines. He told me he couldn't understand my English. I repeated my question and he still couldn't understand me. I finally told him to call me back when he'd found someone around there who could understand MY English and hung up on him.

I've just been in a rotten mood today but that's no excuse for letting "her" out to attack a poor unsuspecting telemarketer, even if he should have English lessons before trying to sell products to an American (even if she does have a slight southern accent). I normally only loosens the reins on "her" when hubby gives me cause but this poor fella was kinda just asking for it.

I finally went to the doctor today (I was able to take off work a little early) as advised by the doctor I saw while I was in Holland. My heart has been doing these crazy flip-flops and most days it only happens occasionally, the past week or so, it's been more often, like almost constantly. I've also had some major swelling of a few body parts. He (my doctor) is agreeing (with the Dutch doc), for the time being, that the skipped beats are from fluid accumulation in my body and in and around my lungs. He also believes it to be partly due to the beginnings of menopause. The EKG didn't show anything abnormal except that my heart is skipping beats (which I knew cause I told him that!)

So,,for the next two weeks, unless anything becomes different, I'll be peeing over the moon on a regular basis, cutting back on my salt intake, and taking some horse pills so my potassium levels will stay normal.

I hope everyone's Thursday was as good as it could be!

There was frost in the air this morning but it ended up being over 50F.

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