Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I hold the greatest admiration for anyone who's organized. I reckon it's because I've never been blessed with even a smidgen of organizational skills. I can get into a routine whereas I can get things done that must be done, but I'm the one sitting there amongst stacks of files and piles of papers as I do them. I reckon I'm a visual person cause if something's out of sight, it's way outta my mind.

I used to play this game with a friend of mine who had Martha Stewart type organizational skills. We'd be sitting there having a cup of coffee and I'd ask her, do you have sissors? She'd get up, go to another room, and call back asking me which scissors I needed and come back with 3 or 4 pairs in her hands. I'd ask if I could see the photos she'd taken of their trip 10 years past or something, she'd be back in a flash with an album with the right photos in it. No matter what, she knew exactly where it was and could put her hands on it in a matter of minutes. Mind you, I could do the same thing but only after a couple of hours of searching and tossing aside boxes or stacks of every kind of unrelated items.

I can't even manage to get dressed in the mornings without backtracking a dozen times because something I need will be in a totally different part of the house. This morning I was able to do all my dressing in my bedroom and bathroom except that I had to go to the utility room to find the most comfortable underwear which meant I had to traipse through the house with everything up top covered while my bare bottom was exposed to the elements. If my underwear happens to be in the drawer, where it should be, then some other item of clothing would be somewhere else. It's just a vicious cycle!

Please tell me there are others out there like me, just to make me feel a little better about not knowing where I took my shoes off last night.

(please note that this does not represent me)

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