Tuesday, January 18, 2005

OK, Whoever was trying to get my attention this morning,,,,


I just hope it's with good intentions though.

I just came in here to check my email before leaving for work and I heard a noise that sounded like someone trying to start a small engine. I thought perhaps hubby was right outside trying to start his ATV, or something.

I went to look and he had already left to start his day of bird hunting so I was perplexed but went back to my email. Then I heard the noise again and started looking, again, for the source. I finally tracked it to Zach's remote control Hummer. It was moving a few inches every few minutes on it's own.

Thinking the remote was stuck, I switched it off. A couple minutes later it moved again. I then snatched it up and found a switch on the bottom to turn it off too.

If someone's sending me a message here, ya'll call me on my cell so we can talk about it cause if GI Joe and Spiderman come trotting in, I'm outta here!!

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