Friday, January 21, 2005

In THAT kinda mood.

It's been another long and busy day and I know this because I lost 3 cups of coffee today, those same 3 cups of coffee that I managed to get into the cup without being rudely interrupted by a client. I usually only lose a couple of cups during the day so I reckon I broke my own record!

I finish up a client, drop the file in line to be checked, and if there are none done by others to be checked, I trip back to the kitchen to heat a cup of water to make a cup of my General Mills delight. (not really but it'll do in a crunch). If things work out right, I have time to heat the water for one and a half minutes and throw in the powder stuff and stir. Then someone up front will ask me something and I sit the coffee down. Then I get distracted by something else, and by the time I remember my coffee, I can't remember where the hell I put it. Kameron, the sweet little receptionist, will sometimes remind me that I'd made a cup of coffee and find it for me but today she was also swamped so I've only managed to sip those 3 cups of coffee after I'd hunted them down and after they'd come to be the same temperature as tepid dishwater (similiar in taste too).

What I really needed today, after that last client, (the one that was scratching various body parts as I hurriedly tried to get all her stuff together), was a couple of glasses of wine. THAT's the kinda mood I'm in.

Or a fresh lemon slush from Sonic, spiked with my old friend, Jose gold.

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