Saturday, January 08, 2005

Oddly enough

This has been a somewhat different week for me. First I had an email from my cousin down in Ft. Lauderdale asking me if I'd be interested in flying to Hawaii for a little R&R in late February, then the next day I had an invitation to a party way out west the first week in February, and THEN, I had a call from a cousin who I've not seen or heard from in over 2 years who just wanted to ask me if I was all right because she'd had a dream where, apparently, I died.

My replies to the 2 invitations were "HELL yeah, I'd love to, but since this is the only time of the year when I actually DO a little work, and I've told them I would work, I can't attend.

But you know, even though it's not possible for me to take advantage of these kind invitations, it feels really good to know that they thought enough of me to ask. Except for the one with the inquiry about my possible demise,,,I'm still pondering on how to take that. I sure hope her dream wasn't one of those foretelling kinds cause I'm just too busy to be checking out right now and I'm hoping my reservations with this life has a little more time on it.

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