Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tomorrow if I don't forget,,,

I'm going to remember to get a refill on my HRT drug. It was 70 degrees F outdoors today and I swear it was hotter than a camel's ass in Kuwait inside this house. How long does this hot flash stuff last? I'm dying here and it's not doing much for my temperament either. James made the remark that he'd be visiting a house of ill repute in Memphis if I don't get my act together soon and I actually thought about offering him the funds to go! I'd also like for him to see if he could get it on sale and use the balance of the funds for a one-time housekeeper to get this place in shape since at the moment I don't have the energy or urge to give a damn if it gets done or not.

I'm gonna go watch the Lifetime channel now cause I feel the urge to cry and I reckon I need a good excuse.

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