Saturday, January 15, 2005

Catching up on my sleep.

I didn't have to work today because I spent those 4 hours in a meeting last Saturday. I think I'll have to work some Saturdays but not this one at least. So, I'm taking advantage of the few minutes of quiet before Zach wakes up to sip my coffee and post a bit.

I'm still learning the routine of a new office and a new program but things were easier yesterday than they were the day before so I reckon even an old dog eventually gets it together. (I just hope that old dog can keep it together once it is). The folks I'm working with are great too so that helps bunches!

I was really tired last night but I'm pretty sure it wasn't from being overworked. I think all the excitment just caught up with me and I had to pause for a minute to crash.

This morning I need to go into town to buy a few groceries and get the stuff to make Zach a birthday cake. His birthday is Monday and he'll be a big 8 years old! He's been looking in the mirror to see if there's any sign of whiskers yet because he's pretty sure he's becoming a man already. Tomorrow afternoon his sisters, Alexis, and Jessie, will probably come over to have cake and ice cream with him. I ordered him a Cabela's Big Game Hunter game for his Game Cube but it hasn't come in yet so I've got to get him something to appease him until it arrives.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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