Sunday, January 16, 2005

Uhhhhhhh and I gotta work tomorrow......

You'd think since I only work a few months a year that I'd be all bright and perky about the prospect of getting up at dawn, getting dressed up in underwear and clothing that doesn't have Tweety or pink rose buds on it, and going out into temperatures that aren't near 'bout like the ones I was boasting about last week. (you remember? those ones where you could lounge around outdoors without sleeves, even if it was raining?)

Well just call me Grumpy cause bright and perky I ain't!

I've finished up the 3 tax returns that I had to do here at home this weekend and I've made 2 cakes, and was almost alert enough to play with the kiddies while they were here yesterday and today although I did a lot of groaning most every time I moved cause for some reason the muscles in my back are kinda acting up. I think that's where the Grumpy part came in.

Zach loved his birthday cake and pizza lunch (as much as he took time to eat) and I think he loves the 2 new games he got for his birthday because he's been in his room playing them all day.

Anyway, I have the early shift tomorrow so I'm gonna go mildew for a little while before bedtime.

Some of the kiddies

The Chick and PopPop looking over some of his old marble and arrowhead collection.

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